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You will need the following information:

We accept Credit Card or E-check payments only
  • Child's date-of-birth
  • Child's current school grade (see below on how to enter school grade)
  • Child's Dr.'s Name and phone number
  • Your insurance policy number
  • Emergency contact information
  • Digital copy of child's birth certificate (optional)
  • Required forms will be provided.

Maximum Family Fee:
Discount* for multiple registrations from the same family will receive a discount.
Maximum fees for a single family will not exceed $450.00   This counts for all r
egistrations across all programs. 

Mandatory Volunteer Registration:
WATCHUNG HILLS NFL FLAG FOOTBALL & CHEER requires all Parents or Guardians to volunteer for various activities that help our program be a success throughout the year.  You will be required to select a program (1-time only) prior to registering your child.  As we have stated previously we are in NEED of additional volunteers that can assist in working with the organization regularly including promotions of the program by submitting short articles to the local newspaper and patch online. There are plenty of opportunities to assist and we will never turn down a volunteer. We also need a volunteer coordinator who will be in charge of managing parent volunteers. 

How to enter School Grade:
We determine the league Division a child qualifies for based on the grade level they will be in the (upcoming) September of the current year.  The registration system will update their grade before the season starts for the following school Year.
*Always enter the grade your child is currently in where the form says "Grade for XXXX-XXXX School Year".  Otherwise, you may be forced to register in wrong Division.*
Note: After July 1, we update everyone's school grade by one - i.e. 1st grade becomes 2nd grade. Therefore, in the following year, you may NOT need to update the grade level.

Disclaimer: This flag football league is a proud member of NFL Flag Football, but none of the National Football League (NFL), its member clubs, NFL Ventures, L.P. or any of their respective affiliates or subsidiaries will have any liability or responsibility for any claim arising in connection with participation therein. All NFL-related logos and marks are trademarks of the NFL.

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